3D / 4D Ultrasound Services


With our 3D/4D Ultrasound Equipment, we are able to provide the first pictures of babies to their mothers.  By providing high quality, clear images, we do everything we can to make the first pictures of your baby as perfect as your baby.

Echo-Doppler or Vascular Ultrasound


An Echo-Doppler is an ultrasound that uses a small, hand-held microphone to send sound waves into the body.  The sound waves are recorded, converted to moving pictures on a monitor and then measured.  The measurements help your doctor determine how your blood is flowing through your heart, whether any of the valves of your heart are having issues, and whether there are any blockages that are preventing blood from flowing well.  We are proud to work in conjunction with The Heart Place to provide you and your doctor with interpretations of our exams.

X-Ray Technology


X-Ray technology allows your doctor to see through your tissue to your bones.  X-Rays help your doctor determine whether you have a broken bone, a cavity or whether your child has swallowed a foreign object.  An X-Ray camera uses the same film as a regular camera but the special X-Ray light sets off a chemical reaction that creates the images of your bones.

Upright Positional Open MRI


True Medical Imaging is the only facility in the Coastal Bend to offer the Upright Positional Open M.R.I.  Our M.R.I. offers patients a more comfortable imaging experience and provides doctors with the best quality, most accurate images possible to assist in their diagnosis.  Children may even be accompanied by their parents during the M.R.I. scanning process and our M.R.I. can scan adults up to 500 lbs.

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Epidural Steroid Injection (ESI) are completed here on our state of the art Floroscopic C-Arm by a Board Certified Pain Management Physician

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We offer multiple machines at various locations, please ask your doctor about alternatives!

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Veteran Owned & Operated

Our CEO/Owner Shawn De La Garza is a veteran of the United States Army. He proudly served his country as an X-Ray technologist and his passion for medical imaging and healthcare began at that time. He is a pioneer in the healthcare industry by combining multiple services in one location on an outpatient basis. His “Super Clinics” will better serve our Veterans saving them time, travel and expenses.